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    Updated about 1 month ago
What is this site?

We continuously monitor the status of HPD Collaborative Builder and all it's related services. If there are any interruptions in service, a note will be posted here.

Status Messages

  • 10-16-19
    12:44 EDT
    All Builder operations are running normally.

  • 08-22-19
    04:05 EDT
    The current backlog has been cleared, several jobs were in error so please check your publishing status and re-publish as needed. The reason for the error in publishing is a yet to be determined SSL status error on the network, so be advised that you may indeed experience further issues. Will advise an update as needed.

  • 08-21-19
    04:13 EDT
    We're currently experiencing a backlog of jobs that aren't processing correctly. Will update as needed.

  • 04-30-19
    01:10 EDT
    Normal operations have been restored.

  • 04-30-19
    12:09 EDT
    The builder application is currently in maintenance mode in order to address data integrity issues for current product records.

  • 03-15-19
    05:10 EDT
    Publishing has been restored and the publish backlog has been completed.

  • 03-15-19
    04:38 EDT
    Publishing HPD's is currently not working, please bear with us as we investigate the issue.

  • 01-03-19
    02:56 EST
    The repository has been reconfigured for more space and publishing has now resumed as normal. All systems working normally.

  • 01-03-19
    01:19 EST
    The error with publishing HPDs seems to be related to an error on the repository. We are investigating the storage situation on the Repo servers and will continue to monitor the situation.

  • 01-03-19
    12:36 EST
    Currently investigating an error with HPDs not publishing.

  • 12-17-18
    12:01 EST
    Instructions are now working correctly and all Builder systems are now working normally.

  • 12-17-18
    11:12 EST
    Currently resolving an issue with instructions not loading.

  • 11-02-18
    04:20 EDT
    Adding materials with existing substances to a record now resolves substances correctly.

  • 10-30-18
    04:45 EDT
    Adding materials with existing substances should be resolved. Currently deployed to testing platform for live testing.

  • 10-25-18
    03:21 EDT
    We are experiencing issues where existing materials added to records don't resolve their attached substances. Currently investigating.

  • 10-24-18
    04:40 EDT
    Initial test status message

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