• HPD Collaborative Status

    Updated about 2 years ago
What is this site?

We continuously monitor the status of HPD Collaborative Builder and all it's related services. If there are any interruptions in service, a note will be posted here.

Status Messages

  • 12-17-18
    11:12 EST
    Currently resolving an issue with instructions not loading.

  • 11-02-18
    04:20 EDT
    Adding materials with existing substances to a record now resolves substances correctly.

  • 10-30-18
    04:45 EDT
    Adding materials with existing substances should be resolved. Currently deployed to testing platform for live testing.

  • 10-25-18
    03:21 EDT
    We are experiencing issues where existing materials added to records don't resolve their attached substances. Currently investigating.

  • 10-24-18
    04:40 EDT
    Initial test status message

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